Who we are

Producing Novel Product Designs Is Challenging

Our startup based in Utrecht, Netherlands is working to change that.

In physical product development & manufacturing, generating novel and unseen product designs is a real challenge as it requires deep domain knowledge & significant expertise. Product design thus often suffers from insufficient product differentiation, limited novelty, and substantial time-to-market. Based on recent advancements in geometric learning, Model Vantage offers a comprehensive AI-powered solution to generate novel, flexible, and tailor-made product designs with ease.

We are a team of AI/ML & CAD experts working to bring in a new way of designing unseen shapes to small and medium OEMs. We are working to commercialize what has been hitherto only in the realm of research universities. Our generative design methods utilizes sophisticated machine learning algorithms to produce a large number of new and alternative design solutions in an automated procedure, taking into account dimensions, durability or other restrictions.




Utrecht Inc is a World’s Top 10 university-linked Business Incubator per UBI Global – Innovation For Business Incubators & Accelerators

UtrechtInc is the startup incubator of Utrecht and one of the top 10 university-linked incubators in the world. They are connected to Utrecht University (Universiteit Utrecht, founded in 1636), the Utrecht University Medical Center, and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.